Your Daily Guilt-Free Munch

Our founders looove snacking - particularly on chips! But we struggled to find healthy options that are satisfying and leave us feeling great.

Since then, it has become our MISSION to REVOLUTIONIZE CHIPS and make snacking an entirely enjoyable and GUILT-FREE experience for all.

Oh and we vow NEVER to compromise TASTE for HEALTH (and vice versa). EVER!

With hard work towards our mission, our well-loved SHRIPZ MUSHROOM SNACK was born.


We Care Deeply About Our Selection of Ingredients

Our premium quality Phoenix Oyster Mushrooms or Bhutan Oyster Mushrooms, freshly sourced from environmentally-conscious local farms, have natural subtle nutty-flavor and are plentiful in dietary fiber, plant protein, antioxidants and vitamins.

We use only the finest quality Rice Bran Oil which is an incredible source of vitamin E and antioxidants with 0 grams of trans fat.

Our mushroom are Vacuum Crisped to healthy scrumptious golden crunch - a method that retain less oil and better preserves ingredients' essential nutrients than traditional frying method.