Triple Combo 1 (Box of 6 Skinny Packs, 19g / pack)
Triple Combo 1 (Box of 6 Skinny Packs, 19g / pack)
Triple Combo 1 (Box of 6 Skinny Packs, 19g / pack)
Triple Combo 1 (Box of 6 Skinny Packs, 19g / pack)

Triple Combo 1 (Box of 6 Skinny Packs, 19g / pack)

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First time trying Shripz? Or not sure which flavor is your favorite yet?

Don't worry! Now you can try all of our signature flavors with our most popular "Triple Combo" box where you will get 2 bags of each flavor per box.

Royal Truffle Parmesan

Proclaimed "diamond of the kitchen", truffle is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated ingredients in the culinary world. Its distinct aroma and intense earthy flavor can transform great dishes like pasta or foie gras into an even more exquisite experience. Our signature beloved mushroom crisps are fused with authentic truffle zest from Italy, home of the best truffles, and blended with a pinch of parmesan cheese, offering you an unforgettable and magnificent sensory experience at the reach of your hand.

This product is Vegetarian-Friendly.

Allergy Note: CONTAINS Soybean, Milk, Wheat

Thai Savory Spicy Larb

Thai Larb is frequently praised for its brilliant flavor combination. We are proud to present you an authentic taste true to its Northeastern Thai origin. We offer you a satisfying and refreshing fusion of savory, sweet, tangy, mildly spicy, and a unique fragrance of toasted rice and premium herbs.

This product is Vegan-Friendly.

Allergy Note: CONTAINS Soybean

Oriental Salted Egg

Oriental salted egg has long been a dish of fine-dining fascination in the Oriental cuisine. The thousand-year-old food technique turns egg's liquid yolk into solid grateable nuggets packed with cheese-like umami flavor. Enjoy our original recipe of mushroom chips with its subtle salted-egg infusion.

Allergy Note: CONTAINS Soybean, Wheat

Note: The salted egg seasoning is manufactured in a facility that also processes other non-vegetarian products.

About the Products

  • Made from 122g of 100% fresh Phoenix Oyster mushroom in every bag
  • Only 100 calories per serving
  • Dietary Fiber: 4g (equivalent to 1 apple, ~5x of regular potato chips)
  • Good source of natural plant protein
  • No added preservatives or MSG